This tool allows to generate maps, sections and datasets of subduction zones areas which include some basic "geodynamical" data such as bathymetry, hypocenters of earthquakes, gravity and present-day kinematics. It has been developped by Arnauld Heuret, Jérôme Losq and Serge Lallemand at the Geosciences Montpellier Laboratory.

Please send us your comments on eventual problems that you could encounter when using this v4.3 tool.

The "Subduction Database" has been compiled by Arnauld Heuret in his PhD thesis published in 2005 after a preliminary Master study done by D. Boutelier (2000). It is regularly updated on the basis of new data that are acquired and new litterature (see sources). The "Subduction Database" has been already used in many publications. Please refer to Heuret & Lallemand (2005) when using a map generated with this tool. This work has been supported by INSU-DyETI program "Subduction Dynamics" (S. Lallemand) and has been supported by European Young Investigator program "Convergent margins and seismogenesis" (F. Funiciello). We thank Wessel & Smith (http://gmt.soest.hawaii.edu/) for the free use of GMT software and Frédéric Bouchette for his 'useful' input.Graphics and illustrations on the web site were designed by Anne Delplanque.

NEW: to download the spatial rupture informations for worldwide Mw > 7.5 subduction megathrust earthquakes, please visit the subquake database.